How many probiotics are in yogurt, kefir and greek yogurt?

How many probiotics are in yogurt, kefir and greek yogurt?
It’s virtually impossible to give an exact amount of the probiotic count for foods like yogurt and kefir because they will vary from brand to brand as well as from bottle to bottle. Sometimes you can find the amount of probiotic bacteria labeled on your bottle of yogurt or kefir and other times it might just say that it contains live bacteria without giving an exact amount. I can say so though is that Greek yogurt tends to have a higher probiotic count then regular yogurt because it is more concentrated. 

Even if your bottle of yogurt does indicate a certain number of probiotic bacteria you can’t really guarantee that is still the actual amount after you've bought it. What we can guarantee is that eating fermented foods is good for us and a great way to keep the microbiome of our guts flourishing.

f for any reason you need a certain amount of probiotic bacteria, in addition to eating a variety of fermented foods, a good quality probiotic supplement is your best bet. Keep in mind that the live probiotics that require refrigeration also can’t guarantee an exact amount, similar to your yogurt, because the live bacteria are continuing to die off. Freeze-dried probiotics that are shelf stable are your best way of ensuring you obtain the amount your after.

Here is a list of some commonly eaten fermented foods:


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