What strains of probiotics are best?

What strains of probiotics are best?

The best strains of probiotics include lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. These two families of healthy bacteria have the important job of keeping the bad bacteria in check. We do all have some amount of bad bacteria living in our body, but the good guys make sure they don’t overproduce to the point of distrubpting the natural balance between these organisms.

In addition to certain bad bacteria that will naturally be present in gastrointestinal tract in small amounts, like E. coli, we also run the risk of coming in contact with bacteria that don’t live in our body and shouldn’t be there in any amount. Salmonella is an example and it has the ability to wreak havoc and make us super sick.

Lactoballus and bifidobacteria protect us against infection from these nasties and when they do manage to make us sick, these types of probiotics help us to recover faster.


Jessica William's, co-founder of BodyAwakeningCo.
Jessica has a Masters of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She has over a decade of experience working within the nutrition and health industry, has managed one of the world’s leading detox and cleansing retreat centers and has taken hundreds (if not thousands) of people through cleansing and detox programs.



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