• Probiotic+



      Probiotic+ is a natural food-based powder supplement designed for daily use to support a healthy gut, urogenital tract and immune...

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    • Cleansing & Detox Kit

      Cleansing & Detox Kit

      $135.00 $113.00

      Body Awakening’s “Cleansing & Detox kit” is a complete cleansing program designed for you to use at home or at...

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    • TrueGreens



      Superfoods with Probiotics. Certified Organic. Wholefood plant-based. Made in Australia. TrueGreens is a powdered drink mix containing superfoods, probiotics, antioxidants,...

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    • OmegaMe



      Deep Sea Krill Oil. 500 mg Premium Wild Antarctic Krill. Easy Absorption. Odorless. OmegaMe is a powerful Omega 3 supplements...

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    • Baby Probiotic+

      Baby Probiotic+


      Baby Probiotic+ provides 10 billion probiotics and prebiotics per gram, derived from 10 different strains of healthy bacteria (from the...

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    • MagC



      MagC contains magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. The 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium ensures maximum magnesium absorption by the...

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    • Prime



      PRIME is a natural drink powder taken daily to energize your body and brain. The green tea extract in PRIME...

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    • VC



      VC helps boost the immune system as well as provide antioxidant support and aid the body in collagen production. VC...

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