Our products are created to help enhance the human experience - the joys of a strong body, the productivity of a healthy mind, and the quiet confidence of a conscious independent lifestyle. Each of our products fulfills a specific function. Drop us a line if you have any questions.

Jessica and I have been taking food-based supplements for over 20-years. We started BodyAwakening Co. in 2012 because we were tired of the never-ending compromise between quality and price. We wanted (and still want) to consume the best quality health supplements and health foods on the planet - and this is why we set up the business. By overseeing the entire manufacturing process ourselves, we are able to cut out unnecessary costs experienced by other supplement brands that ‘outsource’ manufacturing to a third party. We source all raw materials directly, we oversee manufacturing directly and we sell direct to customers, rather than going through distributors, franchises or network marketing. When you buy and use BodyAwakening Co. products you can rest assure that you are giving yourself the best possible quality of products available. You can also feel confident that these products are mixed and formulated for optimal benefit by your body. While there are one or two supplement brands on this earth that match our quality - none however offer it at our price point. We encourage you to use our products daily to keep yourself and your family healthy. We are strong believers that ultimate freedom lies within a healthy, happy body and mind. 

Zachary Williams -founder

Zachary spent over a decade developing products for the medical industry before creating Body Awakening. Zachary works daily with the company’s full-time staff to source, test, mix, package, and market the company’s products.

Jessica Williams - co-founder

Jessica has a Masters of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She has over a decade of experience working within the nutrition and health industry, has managed one of the world’s leading detox and cleansing retreat centers and has taken hundreds (if not thousands) of people through cleansing and detox programs.


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