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Body Awakening’s “Cleansing & Detox kit” is a complete cleansing program designed for you to use at home or at the office. To make this very easy for you to follow, we’ve included in the package all the necessary information and guidance you’ll need as well as, access to a qualified cleansing and nutritional adviser for your support and possible modifications if required.

This amazing program consists of a 5-day cleanse which is safe and effective, offering you the opportunity of a powerful detoxification program to rejuvenate the key organs of your body and encourage your overall well-being.

Why Cleanse? 

Cleansing is the practice of reducing toxic exposure while supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Our lungs, skin, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and gastrointestinal tract constantly work to protect us from the plethora of toxins present in our modern-day lives.

Our bodies are designed to handle a certain amount of toxins; however, problems arise and often illness occurs when our main organs of detoxification become overburdened.

When the body is overburdened and not functioning properly, detoxification can become impaired. Toxins then begin to build up, often being stored in our fat tissues. These toxins damage our health and contribute to an endless amount of problems such as weight gain, digestive problems, skin eruptions, asthma, food and environmental sensitivities. Other common symptoms include headaches, allergies, fatigue…the list goes on and on.

Cleansing allows our cells the opportunity to eliminate waste and repair damage while restoring balance to our bodies.

How do you know if your body needs a cleanse?

We invite you to take a minute to fill out our two questionnaires below and our cleansing consultant will review the information and send you back his/her complimentary advice.

Is your body looking for a cleanse? (Click here)
How happy is your digestive system? (Click here) 


Body Awakening’s flagship “cleansing and detox kit” is a program designed to promote weight loss, increase energy levels, reduce digestive maladies, and improve skin tone. This program is ideal for kick-starting your healthy living ambitions and is suitable for adults of all ages looking to increase their overall health. Some of the key benefits and functions of the cleanse include: 

  • Clearing waste and mucus: Clearing accumulated waste and fermenting bacteria from the digestive tract. Clearing excess mucous and congestion.
  • Repair: Repairing and rejuvenating cell activity in the body through high dose antioxidant support.
  • Liver and kidney support: By doing a detox it helps to support the liver and kidneys as they process and eliminate toxins being released into the blood stream as part of the cleansing process.
  • Rest period: Providing a period of rest for the digestive system, through the consumption of a liquid based diet or detoxifying diet, further aiding and supporting the body as it heals and detoxifies.
  • System reboot: Helps kick start healthy habits and encourage a new you.


  • Cleansing & Detox program options (From 3 to 15days)
  • Ideal for use at home or in the office
  • Step-by-step clear instruction and support
  • Pre and post cleansing phase advice

What's included in the Cleaning & Detox Kit?

Cleansing & Detox Kit Manual
In this 28 pages manual, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to do your cleanse. It explains all the steps you need to take in detail and includes chapters such as:
  • Preparing for the cleanse
  • Common symptoms of detoxification
  • A daily cleanse schedule
  • Modifications to include one meal a day
  • Post-cleanse guidance
  • Headings and topics

Bottle 1: 3Greens
A combination of 3 superfoods designed to provide your body with potent antioxidants as well as, detoxifying and blood cleansing nutrients during the program. 


 Bottle 2: Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina provides nutritional support during your cleanse. It is rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll, and beta-carotene. It contains highly absorbable protein and fatty acids which are easy to assimilate.


Bottle 3: Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella is an algae containing a higher amount of chlorophyll than any other food. Chlorophyll has been found to provide both health and nourishment to the mucosal lining of the GI tract. In addition, the magnesium component of chlorophyll works as a natural muscle relaxant adding stress management and intestinal motility. Chlorella is also known for its ability to draw out heavy metals from the body. 


Bottle 4: Laxative Tea
This special TCM herbal tea gently helps move and tone the bowel. Along with psyllium seed husks (bottle 7), this tea helps clear toxins and old waste matter from your intestinal tract and colon.


Bottle 5: Goji & Red Date TCM Herbal Tea
Our liver and kidneys are organs of detoxification. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this tea has restorative and warming properties designed to help balance liver and kidney energy.



Bottle 6: Goji & Chrysanthemum flower TCM Herbal Tea
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ingredients in this tea have cooling properties. Goji berries contain high amounts of antioxidants and Vitamin A making this also a wonderful anti-aging tea.

Bottle 7: Psyllium Seed Husks
This soluble fiber moves through the intestinal tract much like a broom. Helping to sweep up debris and mucus out of the body.


Bottle 8: Raw Honey
Flavonoids present in honey contain anticancer, antioxidant and anti-allergy properties. In its raw natural form, honey also contains anti-bacterial qualities and is a great source of energy through your cleanse.


Bottle 9: Flax Seeds
Made into a soothing emollient tea, flax seeds reduce inflammation and help heal damaged, irritated and inflamed tissue in the bowel.


We invite you to take a minute to fill out our two questionnaires below and our cleansing consultant will review the information and send you back his/her complimentary advice.

      Is your body looking for a cleanse? (Click here)
      How happy is your digestive system? (Click here)


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